Month: June 2018

Cleaning Furnace Filters

Happy Friday everyone, and more importantly, Happy HVAC day!!

We wanted to share this picture of a furnace filter we discovered at a residential home. As you can see, this filter hasn’t been changed out in a very long time. With this much dirt and dust piled up in the filter, it could easily affect the efficiency and life of your furnace, along with affecting the air quality. We strongly recommend residential owners to replace their filters once every few months, or even once a month if you have several animals and lots of activity. Replacing a filter can be a easy thing to miss, but it can be a simple game changer for your furnace’s life down the road.

If you have any questions about maintaining your HVAC system, check out our blog about HVAC health or call us today!


Hellgate Plumbing’s New Office

Good afternoon everyone!


We are excited to announce that we have moved into a bigger office space! It is exciting to see our company grow in so many ways. We want to make sure our valuable customers will know where to find us!


Our new address is 1600 North Avenue, Suite #107.


Thank you for your business and support!!