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Residential Radiant Heat and Navien Combination Boiler

Happy Wednesday!

Recently, Hellgate Plumbing & Heating completed the rough-in plumbing stage for a residential property. Besides plumbing, we also installed a Navien NCB 240E high efficiency boiler and tankless water heater combination unit, along with laying down pex tubing for the radiant heat! Seeing the exposed pex looks super cool!

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FINAL UPDATE: Commercial Project: 8 Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Hello everyone! Well, we have finally completed this project!

This has been a crazy process for Hellgate Plumbing. It was extremely insightful but very stressful as well. We are so happy to have completed this project and we are thrilled to have our name tagged with this work! The system is running great, and we are pumping out 125 degree water at 46 gallons a minute, which is fantastic!

If you want to look into this project further, visit the page “Our Work” on our website or check out our Facebook page!

We want to thank everyone for the continued support and business. We hope this project can help show our hard work and our ability to make this complicated project look clean and organized!


UPDATE: Commercial Project: 8 Navien Tankless Water Heaters


Good morning everyone! Over the last week, we have managed to mount all of the Navien tankless water heaters to the mounting brackets, set-up the gas, hot and cold water piping, and completed the majority of the venting. The venting was easily the hardest part on this project as we not only had to follow plumbing code, but we wanted it to look clean and organized. We are very proud of all the work we have accomplished so far! This week will be the finished product and we can’t wait to share that with everyone!

In the meantime, here are the photos from last week!

Commercial Project: 8 Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Hello everyone!

To start off 2019 with a big bang, Hellgate Plumbing is currently undergoing a large and exciting commercial project!

This project takes place at a local condominium, where they originally had two 80 gallon Bradford White natural gas water heaters to serve hot water for 46 units. After they both broke down over the holiday season, Hellgate Plumbing stepped in to save the day!

We will be replacing the old water heaters with a Navien tankless water heater system, using 8 tankless water heaters!! Using more than one Navien unit is called a “cascade” system, and a communication cable will link all of the water heaters together. One water heater will serve as the leader of the group, and once hot water demand exceeds its limit, the next water heater will kick on, and so on.

These systems are rarely shown in Missoula, let alone Montana! We are so thrilled to have our team work on this project, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support and approval of the condominium board and property management company. Thank you for believing in our team and letting us work on a fantastic project!

We will continue to post pictures of this project, but here are some pictures from the project currently:

Costing Tips for New Boiler System

Our Hellgate Plumbing & Heating team highly emphasizes the importance of quality for any boiler we install. We want our customers to fully understand what a new boiler system will cost, and we want to be transparent in breaking down the cost and what goes into installing a new boiler.

Based on what our technicians see at residences that have incorrect/unorganized boiler set-ups installed by other heating companies, we want to make sure customers are asking the right questions when receiving a boiler installation bid.

Here is an example of a boiler system at a residential home. Based on these pictures, our technicians notice the following items:

  • Old wiring
  • Original, outdated pumps
  • Outdated zone valves
  • No zone control

With these items in mind, here are some helpful tips on what to ask your plumber when they give you the cost to install a new boiler:

1. Does the cost include all new wiring? Is the wiring installed in a correct and organized fashion?
=Having outdated wiring could affect the efficiency of the boiler unit, and messy wiring can create larger diagnostic costs

2. Does the cost include a new ECM pump?
=Using an old pump for a new boiler system can affect the boiler’s efficiency levels

3. Does the cost include a new Tekmar or Taco zone control with new zone valves?
=Using an old zone control with old zone valves can create uncomfortable and uneven heat comfort levels throughout the home. It can also affect the boiler’s efficiency

4. Does the cost include an outdoor sensor?
=An outdoor sensor allows the boiler to adjust the boiler temperature based on the fluctuating temperatures outside the home. Without an outdoor sensor, the boiler can run hotter than it needs to be, creating low efficiency levels and a high heating bill

5.  Does the cost include a boiler protection device?
=A boiler protection device, called a Caleffi Dirt Mag, is the equivalent of an oil filter for a car. Without this filter, it could decrease the life of the boiler and its efficiency ratings

6. Does the cost include boiler water treatment?
=Boiler water treatment can include Fernox, which protects the internal boiler parts, zone valves, and pumps from corrosion and lime scale formation. It also helps reduce boiler noise and maintenance costs, and can save you money on your energy bill


Here is a picture of one of our boiler installation jobs. Hellgate Plumbing includes all of these items when installing a new boiler system.
We want new boiler systems to be appropriately modernized and upgraded to ensure the best efficiency and better comfort levels for your home.

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Combination Boilers

Hellgate Plumbing installs and repairs all types of combination boilers, including Navien, Lochinvar, Burnham, and Baxi!

At Hellgate Plumbing & Heating, we care about giving our customers the latest, most efficient products for their homes. One of the latest products we offer are combination boiler units! These units provide continuous hot water when multiple people are taking showers and washing dishes at the same time!

We have a list of facts for 3 different combination boilers: Navien, Burnham, and Lochinvar!


K2 Burnham Combination Boilers:

Hellgate Plumbing installs Burnham boilers!

-Burnham combination boilers can provide roughly 15-20% savings in your energy bill

-Burnham combination boilers have a special feature called “Outdoor Reset.” This feature has a sensor that is placed outside the home, which helps determine the correct output the boiler needs to heat the home. This feature comes in handy during fall and spring, when temperatures can fluctuate more frequently

-Burnham combination boilers can run on either gas or propane, and are American made


Navien NCB-E Combination Boilers:

Hellgate Plumbing installs Navien Combi-Boilers!

-Navien combination boilers takes up 80% less space than a traditional floor standing boiler and water heater

-Navien combination boilers are the first high efficiency condensing combination boilers that have the ability to supply both heat and hot water for bigger homes

-Navien combination boilers can be cascaded to a Navien tankless water heater to provide for extraordinarily high hot water demands

-Navien combination boilers have an application called Navi-Link, which you can download to your phone and can control your boiler system from anywhere in
the world

-Navien combination boilers have a special feature called “Outdoor Reset.” This feature has a sensor that is placed outside the home, which helps determine the
correct output the boiler needs to heat the home. This feature comes in handy during fall and spring, when temperatures can fluctuate more frequently


Lochinvar Noble Combination Boilers:

-Lochinvar Noble combination boilers can provide fast, reliable hot water supply and efficient space heating

-Lochinvar Noble combination boilers eliminate the “cold water sandwich” effect, which doesn’t allow for any pockets of cold water to run through your hot water

-Lochinvar Noble combination boilers have innovative fire-tube heat exchangers, which can produce a higher heat transfer

-Lochinvar Noble combination boilers have a special feature called “Outdoor Reset.” This feature has a sensor that is placed outside the home, which helps determine the
correct output the boiler needs to heat the home. This feature comes in handy during fall and spring, when temperatures can fluctuate more frequently

All of these combination units have different strengths and features, but ultimately you will not be disappointed with any of these units! Your home is guaranteed to have lower heating costs while being provided with continuous hot water and heat!

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Navien Boiler & Water Heater Combination Unit

At Hellgate Plumbing, we like to provide our customers with the latest products! Just this week, we installed a brand new Navien boiler and water heater combination unit, providing your home with instant hot water, even if multiple people are needing hot water at the same time! These Navien combination units take up 80% less space than an average floor standing water heater and boiler system! Navien combination boilers are also the first high efficiency boiler to supply both heat and hot water to your home! These units also have the capability of linking with a Navien tankless water heater to supply larger amounts of hot water, and with add-ons like Navi-Link, you can control your boiler unit from anywhere in the world!

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Chimney Venting Kit

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hellgate Plumbing wanted to share one of our most recent projects. We installed a chimney liner kit for one of our customers who has a Navien combi-boiler unit. This chimney liner kit is a great option when you have an existing chimney that is not lined. It’s good to have a flue for your boiler system, and this can be a way to do it.

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Navien Tankless Water Heater with Navi-Link and Navien Hot Button

Hellgate Plumbing & Heating recently installed a Navien NPE-A high efficiency tankless water heater with a built-in buffer tank and re-circulation pump! Additionally, we installed a Navi-Link, which is a Wi-Fi remote control system that allows you to change the water temperature, turn the unit off, and monitor the system. All you need to do is download the Navi-Link app on your smartphone and you can control your water system anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi access!!


We also install Navien Hot Buttons! Hot Buttons are an awesome addition to your home. If you want your water to be hot before using the fixture, such as a bathtub or kitchen sink, press the button and the water will automatically warm the water up to that location before you turn the faucet on! You can install multiple Hot Buttons in your home, and it can save on water costs!

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Navien Certified Installer

Our technicians at Hellgate Plumbing are Navien Certified Installers that serve Missoula and the surrounding areas. What does this mean, and why is it important? The reasons are listed below:

  • We are an independent third-party installer that has performed particular training provided by Navien
  •  It is preferred by Navien to only have certified Navien installers come to your home to install any Navien product
  • By using a Navien certified installer, you are automatically included under Navien’s limited warranty
  •  If you purchased a Navien product online and/or had a licensed professional who isn’t certified, the limited warranty may not be applicable