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Updating Boiler Elements

Hellgate Plumbing wants to share some pictures from a customer project involving Erie zone valves, a Tekmar zone control, and a Taco ECM smart pump. Even with an older boiler system, we still have the ability to modernize these boiler elements. Updating these elements can help the system perform better, and it can help decrease operating energy levels.

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Costing Tips for New Boiler System

Our Hellgate Plumbing & Heating team highly emphasizes the importance of quality for any boiler we install. We want our customers to fully understand what a new boiler system will cost, and we want to be transparent in breaking down the cost and what goes into installing a new boiler.

Based on what our technicians see at residences that have incorrect/unorganized boiler set-ups installed by other heating companies, we want to make sure customers are asking the right questions when receiving a boiler installation bid.

Here is an example of a boiler system at a residential home. Based on these pictures, our technicians notice the following items:

  • Old wiring
  • Original, outdated pumps
  • Outdated zone valves
  • No zone control

With these items in mind, here are some helpful tips on what to ask your plumber when they give you the cost to install a new boiler:

1. Does the cost include all new wiring? Is the wiring installed in a correct and organized fashion?
=Having outdated wiring could affect the efficiency of the boiler unit, and messy wiring can create larger diagnostic costs

2. Does the cost include a new ECM pump?
=Using an old pump for a new boiler system can affect the boiler’s efficiency levels

3. Does the cost include a new Tekmar or Taco zone control with new zone valves?
=Using an old zone control with old zone valves can create uncomfortable and uneven heat comfort levels throughout the home. It can also affect the boiler’s efficiency

4. Does the cost include an outdoor sensor?
=An outdoor sensor allows the boiler to adjust the boiler temperature based on the fluctuating temperatures outside the home. Without an outdoor sensor, the boiler can run hotter than it needs to be, creating low efficiency levels and a high heating bill

5.  Does the cost include a boiler protection device?
=A boiler protection device, called a Caleffi Dirt Mag, is the equivalent of an oil filter for a car. Without this filter, it could decrease the life of the boiler and its efficiency ratings

6. Does the cost include boiler water treatment?
=Boiler water treatment can include Fernox, which protects the internal boiler parts, zone valves, and pumps from corrosion and lime scale formation. It also helps reduce boiler noise and maintenance costs, and can save you money on your energy bill


Here is a picture of one of our boiler installation jobs. Hellgate Plumbing includes all of these items when installing a new boiler system.
We want new boiler systems to be appropriately modernized and upgraded to ensure the best efficiency and better comfort levels for your home.

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